Tennis/Pickleball Surfaces

Pickleball is the largest growing sports in the US, and Tennis has one of the largest followings in the world- making these court a great addition. With courts, our Sports Specialist can resurface, paint, or even create your court from scratch.



If your court needs a makeover, we are here! Our paint is 100% acrylic. This means high color pigment and durability. The acrylic ensures the paint job will last! This is the paint that requires little to no maintenance and when it needs cleaning, water will do the trick.



You’ve seen this court at the French Open. Available in red or green clay, this surface provides the best in joint-support through incorporating minimal abrupt stops. These surfaces are considered slower than acrylic because the ball bounces higher, not quicker.



Courts when left untouched are subject to crack, break, chip, and rot away. Have no fear, this does not mean your court is gone! Our expert technicians will breathe life and beauty back into your court and make it look brand new!


Brand New:

If you need a new court, or want to add to an existing set of courts, our team will stay by your side from start to finish! From the concrete pour, to the topcoat of acrylic, let us handle it all!



Ask about your tennis court options at 303-805-2090