Hardwood floors create any indoor gym, recreation space, or school into a professional sporting atmosphere. Hardwood floors are an investment but when done correctly should last for decades to come. When thinking about installing a wood surface into your space there are a few things to consider for ensuring the most accurate fit. There are three different systems we use for hardwood: Fixed, Floating, and Fixed Resilience. These systems are not the actual maple floor, but the method used for installation.

Once we decide what the right method is, there are different versions of each method. Seen below are some of the different versions that we offer. Together we will decide what is the missing piece to complete the gym you desire. No matter what option suits your facility, our wood floors will offer protection for the athletes, design to achieve the performance components, and the maple look desire.

System Types

FixedFixed floors are put together with strong adhesive, nails, or other metal technologies to secure the new floor to the subflooring. A fixed floor offers not only the look of a pro court, but the court will offer the comfort and authenticity of a professional court as well. This option is best for those wanting wood and structural stability, players comfortability, and a long-lasting surface.

FloatingFloating floors offer the look of a court without the hassle and cost of a fixed floor. This method minimizes to process of connecting the maple to the subfloor. When that step is skipped it allows the floors to retract or expand based on the humidity or moisture. This process is the correct choice for those seeking a quicker solution within a reasonable cost. This process is not the direction if sound and shock integrity is desired for your sporting space. Floating floors’ ability to react to moisture can decrease the products durability.

Fixed Resilient: Fixed Resilient flooring systems are a popular option when it comes to hardwood floor installation. This method combines fixed and floating methods for a hybrid system. The hybrid method anchors down the maple to the subfloor, but the systems still allow for minimal movement. This will ensure uniformity of the court while delivering consistent performance factors for your sports surface.

Options (not limited to)

REZILL: REZILLCHANNEL and REZILLBASE both get their name due to using the REZILL Pads or REZILL Cushion at the base of the system to offer the resilience needed on the court. The subfloor will be anchored down using pins and buckle technology.

Offers: Stability, durability, and resistance for performance

ALLIANCE: Alliance sits on the same REZILL Padding base. The base will include vented rubber and expansion space. The plywood will be installed using Alliance Nailers, topped with the maple boards.

Offers: economical option, comfort, quick installation method

VIP/ VIP II:  These methods are premium wood flooring options. These systems include patented technology that delivers vibration and shock control. The VIP line is comfort focused and ensures game performance through the VIP Subfloor Pannels.

Offers: Resilience, comfort, Uniformity

FOCUS: Focus also utilizes the patented technology to deliver consistent results. This flooring is great for the comfort and protection due to the Continuous Focus Pads. This is an option for spaces offering multiple athletic function that have unique performance needs.

Offers: Comfort, Consistency, Versatility


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