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S.C.O.R.E. Sports Specialist is the brand-new consulting and design arm of Sport Court of the Rockies.

S.C.O.R.E. and Sport Court of the Rockies are ready to assist in any all sport surface needs!  


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Flooring Options

Areas Served:

  • Entire state of Colorado

  • Southern Wyoming

  • Central Wyoming

  • Northern New Mexico

  • Central New Mexico

  • Cherry Creek Schools

  • Douglas County Schools

  • City of Thornton

  • And much more!!

Proven Expertise and Experience

Since 1997 our experts have been assisting in the creating, construction, and resurfacing process for sports spaces across the Rocky Mountain Region! Allow our team to build your dream and let it become reality.


Our consulting side can develop a deign for your space that will bring an element of unique beauty while ensuring the sport surface is maximizing its full potential. Our consultant branch is the best for people stuck on what to do, what product to use, and all the questions in between.


Whether it is a full gym of hardwood, a recreation facility with multiple outdoor courts, or your back yard, our technicians are here to walk with you through the whole process making sure that the best results are delivered. With our previous projects our team has set the bar high with expectations and our goal is to continue to exceed those expectations.


The Colorado dry, hot, summer temperatures contrast to the freezing, snow filled, winter months make erosion a threat for your outdoor sporting surface. Let us refinish your existing court with concrete, tiles, or paint. Indoor spaces are still at danger of erosion and wear and tear! We do resurfacing for every space big or small.   

Are you ready?


Let S.C.O.R.E SS help you design and build your next project!

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Preferred Manufacturers:


  • Gared
  • MegaSlam
  • Spalding
  • Sport Court  
  • Gerflor 
  • Nova
  • Connor Sport
  • Tarkett   

  • Teraflex Sports

  • Pro Green Synthetic Turf Systems