Vinyl is a synthetic option that delivers the wood look. Vinyl is a quick install that is 98% adhesive free. This surface will deliver on game performance while keeping you on budget. The compound material prevents noise from traveling while absorbing the shock from impact. Vinyl is also for anyone is a high moisture climate; the material is designed to handle 92% humidity. This synthetic offers easy cleaning while having the protection to prevent any damage.

Offers: Quiet surface, moisture control, easy maintenance




Rubber floors are a durable synthetic solution to heavy trafficked fitness areas. Rubber floors offer slip resistance, comfort, stability, and durability. The thick rubber base will absorb any movement or vibration to keep the ground balanced. Having separation from the base give you the option to hide any cables, outlets, or even old floors underneath. In turn, this can protect any new floors from any metal, equipment, or erosion from overuse. Because the product allows for no scuff marks, your fitness surface will stay looking fresh. The rubber material used in manufacturing is 70%-90% recycled, depending on the color chips that are used for your floor. Then when your product is ready to be replaced this same material can be recycled again into new flooring.

Offers: Green Solution, vibration control, longevity


  • Interlocking Squares
  • Straight Edge Squares
  • Rolls

Pad and Pour

Pad and pour are a hybrid synthetic solution using a rubber base and a urethane topcoat. The rubber base offers the comfort while the topcoat provides more protection against any day-to-day wear and tear. The rubber used will be from recycled material and can be recycled again after it has been used. This option can be customized with its colors, lines, thickness, and if desired logos. Pad and pours will be durable while achieving a seamless look for your space.

Offers: Durability, Seamless look, Hybrid Formula